bullying prevention
 & social justice curriculum

with subject matter ranging from Media Literacy, Language Arts to Health & Wellness 

"For learning to go deeper it's necessary that the learning actually shapes behavior.
This curriculum available through Hey U.G.L.Y. and used in school can provide the vehicle for great
change in kids' peer relations and make the teen years easier and more successful for lots of kids.
                                                                                                                                                                               Dr. Sue Bryant, Principal

Hey U.G.L.Y. developed a
solution- and evidence-based, peer-to-peer BULLYING PREVENTION PROGRAM that gives students an understanding of -- who they are -- empathy for classmates -- and respect for self and others including:  what to do if they are cybrullied, how to stop self-bullying and how to safely come to the aid of someone being bullied.

Hey U.G.L.Y.'s Stop Bullying Task Force Program is a leadership activity for upper classmen who then teach what they learned to younger students. After the task force conducts a school-wide assembly (provided in the curriculum), the school partakes in monthly
Empathy Learning Activity Plans
(ELAPs). Each ELAP uses
peer-to-peer learning, self-esteem building activities and includes mandated learning standards to help educator easily incorporate these important lessons. They engage students at the emotional level for that "aha moment."

This curriculum moves students to a greater place of awareness and positive self- esteem. Students then become mentors and teach classmates how to live a daily life with respect for self and others.
Task Force Program and ELAP's are described below. For more information
call 219-778-2011 or email

After completing the empathy for the bully exercise in our STOP BULLYING TASK FORCE PROGRAM, students report no longer feeling alone and an average 85%+ reduction in the pain level experienced because
of a bullying situation.
This is significant because, according to the Department of Education, 160,000 students report staying home from school each day because they fear being bullied.


Step #1: Readiness assessment: This helps you gauge how prepared your school is to implement the program, whether it involves staffing, scheduling, funding, etc. This step increases the likelihood of program success.

Step #2: Bullying assessment: Our pre-assessment of your student population helps us, and your administration, determine the immediate needs that require focus.

Step #3: Execute STOP BULLYING TASK FORCE PROGRAM (SPTFP): Teachers, counselors, or college interns take a group of 20 upper classmen through our SBTFP. (For complete details email
PreventBullyingNow@heyugly.org for our brochure).  We suggest your task force include a mix of students who have been bullied, are bullies and are bystanders. Once students complete the course they are certified to lead a school-wide assembly presentation. They are also able to go into classrooms and teach younger students what they have learned.

Step #4: Sustainability: Our monthly Empathy Learning Activity Plans (ELAPs), described below, continues the important character education lessons of empathy, self-respect, kindness, and non-judgment. Each ELAP includes mandated learning standards and engage students at the emotional level for those "aha moments."

NOTE:  Educators have labeled Hey U.G.L.Y.'s  curriculum ELAP which stands for Empathy Learning Activity Plans. Each 45 minute ELAP includes mandated learning standards to make it easy for educators to incorporate the activity/s into their daily class. They also include pre- and post-questionaires and reinforcements to make sure the lessons last a lifetime.

                   Following are recaps of Hey U.G.L.Y.'s MONTHLY ELAPs. For full details of the bullying prevention program
                                                            call  219-778-2011 or email: PreventBullyingNow@heyugly.org.

  Anti-Bullying Curriculum
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 Anti-bullying curriculum
 anti-bullying curriculum
 anti-bullying curriculum
 anti-bullying curriculum
 anti-bullying curriculum
   anti-bullying curriculum 
 anti-bullying curriculum
anti-bullying curriculum 
   anti-bullying curriculum 
 anti-bullying curriculum
Schools can get grants to cover the costs of our programs and Title IV-A funds can often be used for anti bullying and anti violence programs.


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