Join Hey U G L Y in creating the world's largest stop bullying banner for
Guinness World Book of Records
 and be a part of ending bullying in your school.
Call 219.778.2011 for details and our
 Hey Stop Bullying Activity Plan.

Hey U G L Y's Stop Bullying Task Force from St. Stanislaus Kostka School in Michigan City, Indiana (Pictured Left to Right) Kneeling:  Carrie Miller/Teacher, Betty Hoeffner/Hey U G L Y, Inc. president and co-founder;  Front Row: Matt N., Scott S., Adrienne F., Olivia H., Sydney S., Skyler L.; Back Row: Alex M., Connor P., Tony P., Dr.  Sue Bryant/School Principal, Lindsey J., Silk H., Darria B., Elliott S., Alexcis O., Mikey R., Matt P., Maddy W.

National "Stop Bullying Day" is Wednesday, February 10, 2010.  We are creating the world's largest stop bullying banner and will kick off the signing at La Porte High School where 1,950 students will take the pledge and sign the banner. From there the banner will travel to other schools who have completed the Stop Bullying program we co-wrote with 17 sixth grade students, their teacher and principal. We have contacted Guinness World Book of Records and hope to have a representative present for the creation of this banner. We have resources for any school, organization or community wanting to participate. To secure a copy of our Activity Plan call 219.778.2011 and ask for our Activity Plans Department.

Read all about how we took on bullying in this front page story in NWI Catholic Newspaper.


"A lot of the time, girls put each other down to make themselves feel better or because they're envious. I've made fun of people and talked about them because I secretly wish I had as much guts as them or a certain trait or talent." 16-year old Violet. Teen Vogue

"I know it's wrong, but the freshmen who I have an easy time being awful to are the ones that I am jealous of." HS sophomore Ariana. Teen Vogue